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MERLIN streamlines monitoring & reporting of blockchain transactions and financial activities,

through reliable data, actionable insights and comprehensive & unified formats


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on-chain Transactions data

Transfers, DeFi investments, NFT sales, … MERLIN automates transaction classification and offers curated data ready for business applications to streamline blockchain data processing flows

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P&L for a profitable DeFi journey

DeFi protocols don’t track your gain & losses for you! Don’t underestimate the underlying assets’ volatility when considering your investment’s P&L: Yield, Tx Fees, Impermanent Loss, Entry & Exit Price.
MERLIN understands ALL investment strategies – for a full profitability overview, monitoring & analysis!

DeFi Monitoring, Reporting & Accounting

Most in-depth DeFi analytics covering:

  • Real-time DeFi P&L insights
  • Historical DeFi portfolio balances and profitability breakdown
  • Accumulated DeFi revenue, expense and loss – realized and non-realized
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LP market insights

Track top performing pools across main Dexes and adjust your strategies to gain more alpha
Access historical LP Token prices, for accurate valuation of LP incomes and unrealized gain & loss

Most comprehensive DeFi portfolio analytics

& Blockchain wallet activity data

for Financial Institutions

& Individuals

Crypto Enthusiasts

Track your DeFi profitability & export pre-classified on-chain activity for your tax accountant

Custody Solutions

Increase retention with extra services: unified portfolio including DeFi P&L, on-chain activity visibility

Wallet Providers

Increase retention with extra services: complete token holdings, including DeFi exposures


Crypto Accounting & Tax

Automate transactions reconciliation & account for DeFi the right way with accrued gain & loss

DeFi Fund Traders

The most advanced analytics to monitor your profitability & analyze your past performance 


DeFi Funds Administration

Easily report the performance of all active and historical past investments



Focus on your business value proposition and leave the tedious on-chain data fetching & assessment to MERLIN


Leverage MERLIN’s DeFi market data to optimize your business offer


Streamline your blockchain data processing flows to increase competitive advantage


Target & retain DeFi users with unique & most in-depth DeFi P&L analytics


Optimize operation & maintenance by using one single data source for on-chain Transactions, DeFi Holdings & Positions, DeFi P&L, Wallet Balances


Easy start & pay as you grow, with a freemium web APP and pay-per-use API

How to use MERLIN?


Streamline your blockchain data processing with business-ready comprehensive analytics


All Wallet on-chain Transactions, DeFi Positions analytics, Token Balances with most extensive protocol coverage & comprehensive data


Start for Free, all you have to do is sign up!


Documentation available for quickstart


Pay as you grow: price per call, price per endpoint

web APP

Pre-classified on-chain transactions data & DeFi portfolio performance dashboard

PRO Plans are here: unified portfolio accross several wallets, export activity & profitability reports

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