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Portfolio Tracker

Merlin provides you with unique on-chain portfolio
analytics to level up your DeFi game.
Profitable trading, investing & DeFi decisions start with
Merlin, VALK’s Smart DeFi Portfolio Tracker.

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How is merlin helping
defi participants?

Calculate your net profit compared to USD

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Merlin extracts total yield per position, asset price points and APYs to calculate PNL, measured in % and in USD. This is provided at the dashboard, protocol and position level.
This allows analysis related to comparison of strategies, lending pool returns and more.

Track current and historical performances

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Merlin presents all historical transactions in a time-stamped order, all the way back until the first transaction from that wallet.
It allows filtering by transaction, asset and protocol, and provides scope for comparison of strategies, as well as any performance indicators for the asset, pool and position in question.

Get detailed data on all your positions

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Merlin provides an overview of total assets held, NAV, total debts, asset allocation and more. Assets are displayed based on the protocols they are deployed on, or the wallet held in.
Detailed data on LP positions and borrowing/lending pools is also provided.

Features Review

Merlin provides a wide variety of features related to calculations,
analysis, reporting and more

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