Merlin Spring 2024 Update: Powering Up Your Digital Assets Financial Reporting

We’re excited to unveil the latest advancements in Merlin’s suite of blockchain data solutions. Since January, we have developed new features, added coverage of protocols, and designed new workflows to streamline your on-chain data consumption and to elevate your on-chain transaction and investment insights.

Unveiling the Best Source of Solana Transaction Data

  • Unmatched Coverage
  • Seamless Integration

Merlin provides the most accurate source of Solana Transactions to get your accounting balances and bookkeeping right!

Available via Merlin API for deep integration with your system, or on Merlin web app to check your wallet online. More details about Merlin’s Solana Transactions Solution here.

Merlin Solana transactions

Investigate on-chain Transactions with Merlin’s Transaction Finder

Experience the power of Merlin’s automated on-chain transaction categorization with the Transactions Finder tool available on Merlin web app. You can effortlessly investigate any on-chain transaction and reduce all manual reconciliation work.

Merlin Transaction Finder

Expanding Support for Cardano

  • Comprehensive Tracking
  • Flexible Data Retrieval

Track your Cardano holdings: wallet balances and DeFi active positions on Liqwid and Indigo.
Available via Merlin’s API for deep integration with your system, or on Merlin web app to check your wallet online.

Merlin Cardano Tracking

Unparalleled Coverage of DeFi P&L and Historical Positions

  • Fresh Integrations
  • Continuous Enhancements

Merlin deeply integrates with 45 DeFi protocols concentrating 80% of DeFi TVL.

Merlin DeFi TVL Coverage

Latest addition since the beginning of this year, to empower DeFi Staking and RWA investors with unparalleled analytics and historical tracking: Spark, Mantleeth, Stusdt, Stader, Pearl, and expanding multichain for SushiSwapv3, Frax and Compound.

Merlin Protocols Coverage

Check your actual DeFi P&L performance now online on Merlin web app or streamline your DeFi monitoring & financial reporting with Merlin’s API .

What’s Next for Merlin?

  • Expanding DeFi P&L protocol integrations
  • On-chain Transaction support for Cosmos and Cardano
  • Revolutionary wallet activity profiling for seamless onboarding of clients with on-chain treasury

Empower Your Digital Asset Business with Merlin.