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Keep track of all your DeFi holdings

With a unified overview your exposures across DeFi protocols – wallet holdings included – as well as their overall performance!
MERLIN provides the most extensive DeFi protocols coverage 1,500+, across 25+ chains: not limited to EVM chains, supporting also Solana, major Cosmos chains and others 

Merlin Allocation
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Monitor the profitability of your DeFi investments

MERLIN is THE only DeFi performance tracker to provide a full profitability overview on both current & past exposures!

 USD valuation of Yield and P&L

The investment’s Yield might be positive, but that might be not be enough to cover the underlying USD price volatility
Based on actual on-chain data (indexation), MERLIN takes no guess when it comes to Yield, Gas fees, Rewards, Impermanent Loss, Entry Price to produce an accurate P&L

Merlin Uniswap Position
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In-depth analysis of all DeFi positions

Understand your performance with the most exhaustive info: P&L breakdown, related transactions which have built the position, deposits which are still generating yield, …
Across Staking, Farming, Lending, LP, … MERLIN understands all investment strategies

Analyze your overall DeFi profitability

Monitor your profitability dynamics daily, weekly, monthly, …
Check your investments’ Entry Prices

Merlin Performance
Merlin Uniswap

Overall portfolio view across several wallets

Bundle your wallets for an overall dashboard view of your strategies

No transaction will be missed, proxy wallet supported!

DeFi profitability reporting

Export your portfolio for reporting, accounting, audit, … in CSV format or by API
MERLIN understands all DeFi strategies & their related transactions

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Spot market opportunities 

Top performers pools across main Dexes: best APY, ROI, IL, …
Follow the Smart Money in your watchlist

Maintain control over your assets

And mitigate potential risks with a clear overview of your wallet’s permissions
One click away from revoking access to protocols you are no longer trading with

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DeFi portfolio performance & market data 
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Merlin web APP

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there fees?

Currently, there are no fees to use MERLIN web APP. However, the PRO plan will soon be launched, implying fees for certain features which are currently free, such as: wallet bundling, strategies backtesting, history analytics. MERLIN API is charged, but free trial units are provided to get you started. 

Is MERLIN for retail or institutional investors?

It is for both! General feedback among DeFi investors is that there is no way of tracking and reporting the multitude of transactions across protocols. This is the case for both retail and institutional, it just depends on the type of portfolio being run. That being said, MERLIN provides an institutional-grade service and an easier interface which is often a barrier for institutional investors to engage with DeFi.

How does MERLIN compare to others like Zapper, DeBank?

There are a number of portfolio trackers that do provide information such as net worth, asset overview, number of assets held etc. However, what they are missing are performance metrics related to portfolio performance. What is unique about MERLIN is that it provides profit and loss on a certain asset or overall portfolio daily basis, as well as yield earned (in the underlying asset, or USD, or as a %). This is particularly important for investors requiring daily NAV reports or any historical data relating to their investments.

Can I use MERLIN to invest directly into yield-generating products?

MERLIN is only a wallet reporting service only, to provide information related to DeFi transactions.