DeFi Funds

Successful participation in DeFi trading requires a combination of technical expertise, risk management, and a deep understanding of the market and its regulatory environment

Emerging market opportunities

DeFi lending protocols, liquidity pools, and other automated market-making algorithms provide new opportunities for funds to earn interest and generate yield


Trade in DeFi

DeFi protocols allow a full control over your funds with direct peer-to-peer trading – no intermediaries – which can reduce transaction fees and increase trading speed

Track ROI

DeFi performance strongly depends on tokens price fluctuation, market liquidity, transaction fees, …

Profitable trading, investing & DeFi decisions start with MERLIN, your unique on-chain $ gains & loss portfolio analytics
as well as DeFi market data analytics

How can MERLIN help?


Monitor the performance of active DeFi investments, and their evolution in time


Overall DeFi portfolio NAV and Performance overview


Analyze the performance of current and past investments with in-depth analytics: Yield, Gas Fees, Rewards, Impermanent Loss, Entry Price, …


Capture more alpha: assess the DeFi market, backtest & build new investment strategies


Increase profitability: establish a risk framework and smart-move towards more profitable investments


Report the performance of both active & historical DeFi trades & investments

Merlin Allocation

Keep track of all your DeFi holdings

With a unified overview of your exposures across DeFi protocols – wallet holdings included – as well as their overall performance!
MERLIN provides the most extensive DeFi protocols coverage 1,500+, across 25+ chains: not limited to EVM chains, supporting also Solana, major Cosmos chains and others

Monitor the profitability of your DeFi investments

MERLIN is THE ONLY DeFi performance tracker to provide a full profitability overview on both current & past exposures! 

Merlin Uniswap
Merlin Uniswap Position Detail

Actual gain or loss? USD valuation

The investment’s Yield might be positive, but that might be not be enough to cover the underlying USD price volatility
Based on actual on-chain data (indexation), MERLIN takes no guess when it comes to Yield, Gas fees, Rewards, Impermanent Loss, Entry Price to produce an accurate P&L

Understand & analyze your DeFi positions

With the most in-depth info: P&L breakdown, related transactions which have built the position, deposits which are still generating yield, …
Across Staking, Farming, Lending, LP, … MERLIN understands all investment strategies

Merlin Performance

Track your overall DeFi profitability

Monitor your profitability dynamics daily, weekly, monthly, …
Check your investments’ Entry Prices

Overall portfolio view across several wallets

Bundle your wallets for an overall dashboard view of your strategies
No transaction will be missed, proxy wallet supported!

Merlin Uniswap bundling
Merlin Previews

Spot market opportunities 

Assess the DeFi market top performer pools across main Dexes: best APY, ROI, IL, …

Explore profitable DeFi investments

Follow the Smart Money in your Watchlist
Share your strategies with your team

Merlin Revoke Allowance

Maintain control over your assets

And mitigate potential risks with a clear overview of your wallet’s permissions
One click away from revoking access to protocols you are no longer trading with

How to use MERLIN?

web APP

DeFi portfolio performance & market data for you and your team
Connect or paste your wallet(s)
Freemium access

Merlin web APP

Full integration with MERLIN API

Add DeFi portfolio performance data directly into your internal performance tracking dashboards 


All wallet balances, DeFi exposures & P&L data you can get!


Documentation available for quickstart


Backend access to track usage and top up


Pay per call, price per endpoint



THE one place to get both P&L performance reporting for the major DeFi protocols and NAV for 1,500+ others, across 25+ chains


The most in-depth profitability analytics: Yield, Rewards, Gas Fees, Impermanent Loss, …


The best DeFi protocol coverage for active investments NAV


Focus on your business value proposition and leave the tedious on-chain data fetching & assessment to MERLIN


Leverage MERLIN’s DeFi market data to optimize your business offer


Easy start with a freemium web APP