institutional-grade data from the top 1,000 DeFi protocols

Merlin’s API provides developers, investors and others access to raw and transformed data, related to positions and performances from major DeFi protocols and net worth calculations for 1,000+ others

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Increasing efficiency with Merlin API

Already 2,000 hours of computing time saved for our customers!

Indexation protocol

Merlin is an indexation protocol that can access DeFi applications, extract & analyse a wide range of data for each historical transaction across multiple protocols.

Calculation ENGINE

Merlin’s new calculation engine will be even faster and the analysis of the full history of your DeFi investments now even more accurate. See more info in this detailed article!


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Our API documentation allows you to understand how on-chain data is gathered, transformed and easily extractable

investors needing institutional-grade tools for DeFi

DeFi Funds building a risk framework

Accounting firms building tax reports for their clients

Advanced DeFi traders building PNL Reports

Uses Cases for Merlin API

Discover how our clients are leveraging the Merlin API

Operating a DeFi Fund

A team is running a DeFi fund. The depth and accuracy of the Merlin API supports their launch with:


  • Building of their proprietary risk model at the liquidity pool level on Uniswap and MakerDAO
  • Backtesting of their strategies, including fees and impermanent losses.
  • Fundraising: with detailed risk and PnL profiles for their strategies

Accounting SERVICES

An accounting firm developing new services for individuals with regular DeFi trading.

While the CeFi accounting is relatively simple, the firm can use Merlin’s API to acquire new clients and accurately report on their intricate DeFi PnL for tax reporting.

Digital Asset CustodY

Custodians expanding their CeFi operations to DeFi and providing their clients with reporting services over their whole portfolio.

Integration of Merlin API directly in their reporting engine.

Merlin API can be provided as a white-labelled solution to exist directly in the front end


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