The Merlin, Odysea, 3Suite Merger

Joining Forces to Achieve Blockchain Data Completeness & Reliability

Billions in USD are exchanged monthly on-chain, yet businesses struggle to extract, and understand on-chain activity. While blockchain data is technically public, and supposed to be accessible by anyone, the reality is a little different. Blockchain data is fragmented across 200+ chains, unstructured, centralized, and not actionable. The blockchain landscape is in need of a major boost for data accessibility, usability, and completeness.

That is why Merlin, a leading provider of on-chain financial data & analytics, is thrilled to announce its merger with Odysea, a DeFi market data powerhouse, and 3Suite, an on-chain and off-chain user engagement platform. Joining forces allows Merlin to capitalize on their existing technologies, customers, and insights to build a single blockchain data hub: Merlin Data Network (MDN).

While each company has carved its niche (Merlin’s AI-powered blockchain analytics, Odysea’s DeFi data focus, and 3Suite’s complementary off-chain & on-chain data and engagement tool), the founders recognized a powerful synergy. This merger unlocks an enhanced solution for extracting, aggregating, structuring, analyzing and consuming blockchain data. MDN empowers developers and businesses to navigate the blockchain with ease and confidence.

About the Companies Before the Merger


Merlin leverages blockchain transaction data aimed at businesses that need simple, accurate, and real-time analytics, but do not have the resources, time, or expertise to do it internally themselves.
Highlight: The AI-powered blockchain data analyzer.


Odysea leverages DeFi market data to help DeFi investors make smarter, more data-driven decisions to increase their Yields and give them better outcomes. It also simplifies access to various DeFi strategies and eliminates the need for manual efforts on the part of investors by giving them direct access through a multi-bridge from Ethereum to various chains.
Highlight: The tech behind the multi-bridge for a decentralized network.


All in one engagement tool unifying off-chain and on-chain data, and moving the first million businesses from Web2.0 to Web3.0.
Highlight: the first comprehensive engagement tool to delve into AI for crossing off-chain and on-chain user profiling, for more detailed analytics behind a user’s behavior.

About Merlin Data Network (MDN)

Merlin Data Network (MDN), brainchild of the merger, aims to become the single, reliable source for complete and insightful blockchain user data. If you are an individual or a business interested in accessing a wallet’s financial activity or holdings across DeFi, NFTs, RWA, Gaming, Dao Governance, Vesting, Payments, MDN is the place to go. The purpose of MDN is to provide insightful analytics for individual tracking or for businesses looking to integrate on-chain activity to their financial reporting. It can also help businesses looking to optimize their offering and better reach their audience with insightful user profiling.

MDN is your data hub for all things blockchain. Need a deep dive into your DeFi, NFT, RWA or gaming activity? Track your own wallet activity or integrate on-chain data into your business. Gain valuable insights for financial reporting, offering optimization, and targeted user engagement through powerful user profiling.

What’s In It for Data Consumers?

  • One-Stop Shop: Access all blockchain data needs in one place, ensuring maximum data completeness, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Access to a Wider Talent Pool: Open doors to a broader network of developers with diverse skill sets, turning blockchain data into insightful intelligence.
  • Lower Dependencies: Reduce reliance on centralized data providers, and eliminate risk of service shutdown dependent on viability of other providers.
  • Enhanced User Profiling: Gain deeper insights into user behavior.

What’s In It For Developers?

  • Simplified Integrations: Get user-friendly frameworks, SDKs, and comprehensive documentation, enabling 10x faster protocol integrations.
  • Monetization Opportunities: direct access to paying data customers as well as other monetization opportunities directly on the network.
  • Participation in Hackathons: focused on data curation and building innovative applications on MDN. Gain visibility and contacts for future professional opportunities.

Stay Tuned, with More Updates Coming Soon!

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Founding team of the Merlin Data Network

Founding team of the Merlin Data Network, from left to right:
Elie – CEO Merlin Data network, Maria – CMO Merlin Data Network, Vinson – COO Merlin Data Network