Merlin ’s Trusted Partners

Join VALK’s Trusted Partners Programme
and enjoy unique perks

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Partner’s Benefits

Why joining as a trusted partners will benefit you and your business

Access to a DeFi expert to understand your PnL

The initial perks of the programme are a personalised training session for your team by one of our DeFi experts, and an AMA with our team. This will give your community/clients an opportunity to ask any questions they have regarding Merlin or DeFi in general.

Co-branded partnership announcements

Once accepted in the Trusted Partners programme, we will share Co-Branded partnership announcements on all our social media. Additionally, we will add your logo on our website along with our other partners and you will be free to use our logo in yours.

Early Access to New Merlin Features

Members of our Trusted Partners programme will have the opportunity be the first to use all upcoming Merlin features, and integrate them into their operations.

Speaker Spot on Merlin Online Broadcasts

By becoming a a Trusted Partner you will have the opportunity to become a speaker on our weekly podcast held on Twitter Spaces. You also get to choose the topic of discussion that week!

10% discount on EVERYTHING

Get a 10% discount on Merlin’s API, advanced DeFi pool data and wallet-level analytics

Exclusive invitation to MeRlin’s sponsored events

Get tickets to large blockchain events in Europe, and invites to VALK-hosted DeFi breakfasts and gatherings.


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