New DeFi P&L Protocols Support

Merlin is thrilled to provide 3 new integrations with innovative DeFi protocols, expanding your ability to track, analyze, and optimize your DeFi strategies:

  • Spark (Spark Protocol): Leverage lending and sDAI for flexible yield generation.
  • Mantle Staked ETH (mETH): Earn staking rewards while maintaining access to your ETH.
  • stUSDT: Access the stability of USDT with the added benefit of staking rewards.

What does this mean for you?

  • Unified P&L Tracking: Gain a comprehensive view of your DeFi profitability across 30+ top DeFi Protocols supported by Merlin.
  • Informed Decision Making: Analyze your portfolio’s performance, considering yields, rewards, fees, and price fluctuations, to make data-driven investment decisions.
  • Accurate DeFi Accounting: Track your holdings, understand your realized and unrealized gains & losses, and ensure accurate reporting for your DeFi activities.

Merlin empowers you to:
📍 Track your current DeFi holdings in one place.
📝 Understand and analyze your DeFi P&L to make informed investment decisions.
🔍 Report your DeFi performance with historical data and insightful analytics.

Access MERLIN online web app at to connect your wallet and access most in-depth DeFi portfolio performance analytics.

Merlin stUSDT portfolio

Merlin Spark Lend Positions

For backend integration within proprietary processing flows, Merlin API offers dedicated endpoints for all DeFi Positions analytical data. Visit to create an account and start your free trial.