MERLIN in 2023: Revolutionizing Blockchain Data Analytics and Looking Ahead

2023 marked a significant chapter for MERLIN, and as the year concludes, we reflect on our achievements and set the stage for an even more promising 2024.

1. Launch of MERLIN’s Blockchain Transactions Categorization Solution

MERLIN introduces a solution to make sense of blockchain intricacies, automating the classification of various activities like transfers, DeFi investments, and NFT sales. This functionality extends to both wallet-to-wallet and wallet-to-smart contract or DeFi protocol interactions, providing curated data for practical applications such as reporting, compliance, audit, accounting, and tax.
Over 400k smart contracts have been thoughtfully categorized for a nuanced understanding of blockchain transactions; across 18 blockchains, including advanced transaction details for Solana, with Cosmos integration underway.

2. New and Unique Analytics for DeFi Accounting

MERLIN introduces precise analytics for DeFi accounting, emphasizing real-time, historical, and period-based insights into Gain, Revenue, Expense, and Loss. Tailored for DeFi accrual accounting, the platform offers a comprehensive view of accumulated, realized, and unrealized metrics.
Featuring unique LP Tokens Pricing for accurate unrealized gain and accrued LP income calculations.

3. Launch of Merlin’s PRO Plans

MERLIN introduces PRO Plans, presenting unique P&L insights for a profitable DeFi journey. Catering to crypto enthusiasts, traders, funds, and enterprises, these plans offer a unified dashboard across multiple wallets. Users gain institutional-grade profitability metrics, emphasizing an understanding of underlying asset volatility for comprehensive portfolio management.
Seamlessly integrating 31 DeFi protocols across 7 blockchains, MERLIN provides the most extensive coverage for DeFi P&L analytics in the market.

Looking ahead to an exciting 2024

MERLIN will continue to decipher blockchain activities and streamline blockchain data integration, through reliable real-time and historical insights, actionable analytics and easy reporting:

  • Expand transaction categorization across various blockchain activities, including DAO governance, payments, tokenization & RWA, and more. Users can anticipate comprehensive categorization, not limited to DeFi, NFTs, and wallet transfers.
  • Explore new use cases for DeFi P&L Analytics, commencing with a collaboration with Cloudwall to redefine DeFi Risk Management through Serenity, the institutional-grade risk platform.
  • Increase coverage by adding new DeFi protocols and chains, such as Cosmos and Cardano, enhancing DeFi P&L analytics and transaction categorization capabilities.

As we eagerly anticipate the market shifts of 2024, we express our gratitude for considering MERLIN as your companion in navigating on-chain intricacies and mastering the art of DeFi performance tracking.

Cheers to a prosperous and insightful year ahead!