MERLIN On-Chain Transactions Categorization

Thrilled to introduce Merlin’s Blockchain Transaction Categorization Solution! This new offering provides:
– Automatically classified transaction data in a simple, accessible JSON API or .CSV formats
– Comprehensive coverage of wallet-to-wallet and wallet-to-smart contract interactions, including DeFi protocols
– An AI-driven deep dive into blockchain activities, from everyday transfers to high-stakes NFT sales and investments in DeFi protocols

Unraveling the Complexity of Blockchain

– Powered by advanced machine learning & AI
– Over 500K smart contracts meticulously indexed
– Precise transaction classification into 20 relevant activities, making sense of the complex blockchain world

Embrace the Power of Simplified Blockchain Analysis

– Save time and energy with automated, accurate reports
– Gain insights like never before into your blockchain activities
– Stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Why MERLIN’s Transactions Categorization?

Blockchain technology introduces the perspective of an open and inclusive financial system. While blockchain data is secured and easily accessible, its complexity poses challenges for business professionals seeking actionable insights for comprehensive reporting. Merlin addresses these challenges, serving not only as a data provider but as an interpretation and intelligence layer.

Whether it is:

  • Personal on-chain Portfolio Management: track assets and DeFi exposures
  • DeFi Investments Management: identifying strategies, monitor & analyze actual profitability
  • Professional DeFi Fund Administration: report all on-chain activity and its profitability
  • Wallet & Custody overall portfolio management and activity tracking
  • On-chain Treasury Management, Accounting, Audit & Tax
Raw blockchain data requires further processing, a layer of interpretation, before it can be seamlessly streamlined within a digital assets management flow.
This is precisely where Merlin steps in, not merely as a data provider but as an interpretation and intelligence layer, which understands all types of on-chain activities and renders curated and enhanced data, ready for any business application to seamlessly build / expand its digital assets value proposition and solutions.

What is MERLIN’s Transactions Categorization?

Our solution involves curated blockchain transaction data enriched with contextual information, allowing professionals to understand a transaction’s actual meaning. This enables the seamless integration of blockchain data into various business applications, such as reporting, accounting, bookkeeping, reconciliation for tax, financial statements, compliance, and audit.

Understanding on-chain activities implies knowledge:

Who is the wallet interacting with?

Wallet, DeFi protocol, smart contract, chain

What kind of movement?

Incoming / outgoing, transfer, deposit, withdraw, collect rewards, transfer, NFT, payments etc.

Which assets are involved?

ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, SPL-TOKEN, potential scam

What type of financial transaction?

Transfer, Bridging, Wrapping, Trade, NFT sales, DeFi Farming, Staking, Liquidity Pool DEX, Lending, etc.: 20+ predefined types automatically identified by Merlin, and more to come
Capital Gains, Income, non taxable, locked, …? You have all information necessary to evaluate the right reporting, accounting, tax treatment, etc

Balances transferred, fees & P&L?

Input/output token balances with USD price valuation
Transaction fees with USD valuation
DeFi investments’ P&L: realized vs unrealized, Yield vs Rewards
Price breakdown for NFTs: seller, protocol & royalty fees

How to use MERLIN’s Transactions Categorization?


Visit, connect your wallets, bundle them in your unified portfolio and navigate your Transaction history:

Merlin Transactions

You can manage your own classification for all wallet-to-wallet Transfer activities (gifts, spouse transfers, donations, …). When you’re done, export your CSV data for further integration.


Visit to get your MERLIN API key. Start exploring your Transaction history data and streamline your blockchain processing flow with the most comprehensive data available.