MERLIN Fall 2023 Updates

It’s time to take your on-chain journey to the next level, with latest Q3 updates:

  • Understand all on-chain financial activity (transfers, NFTs, DeFi, …) with curated transactional data ready for reporting, compliance, audit and accounting & tax reconciliation
  • Try out MERLIN PRO Plans to unleash overall profitability tracking of not only one wallet but your entire on-chain portfolio, across several wallets & stay tuned, automatic reports coming soon
  • MERLIN, your assistant for DeFi Accrual Accounting &Treasury Management: accumulated and historical Balances, Gain, Fees and Loss – realized and non-realized
  • Struggling to price LP Tokens? Block-accurate prices are now one click away for top DEX: Uniswap, SushiSwap, Curve and others

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Crypto Reporting, Accounting, Audit & Tax Reconciliation

Curated & pre-classified on-chain Transactions data

With MERLIN, you can understand any blockchain activity including: transfers, DeFi investments, NFT sales, etc. Covering both wallet to wallet interactions and wallet to smart contract or DeFi protocols interactions, MERLIN automates transaction classification based on ~20 relevant activities and offers curated data ready for business applications to streamline blockchain data processing flows.

Check your on-chain activity now

  • Connect your wallets in MERLIN APP: Analyze > Classify > Export data
  • Retrieve MERLIN API data and integrate into your accounting & reporting engines

For a Profitable DeFi Journey


Don’t underestimate the underlying assets’ volatility when considering your investment’s P&L: Yield, Tx Fees, Impermanent Loss, Entry & Exit Price.

Unlock institutional-grade profitability metrics to monitor your active exposures and analyze past investments – within a unified portfolio view bundled across all your wallets.

Crypto Enthusiast, Trader or DeFi Fund, discover the PRO Plans and setup your portfolio today!

Merlin Position

Increasing DeFi P&L protocol coverage 30+, with latest integrations 👇

Merlin DeFi P&L

Explore your DeFi investments’ performance now

DeFi Accrual Accounting and Treasury Reporting

Accumulated and Historical Gain, Loss and Fees

Correctly book Revenue, Expense and Loss: as they accumulate, not only when claimed! MERLIN is the only place to get both accumulated DeFi position metrics – realized and non-realized – as well as point-in-time for DeFi Treasury real-time monitoring, balances & statements, closing positions, etc.

Access DeFi historical & accrued data

LP Tokens Price

Block-accurate, real-time and historical

With MERLIN you can now access historical LP Token prices for top DEX, and more to come!

Get LP Token Prices


Thank you for considering MERLIN as your expert wallet data source when navigating the intricate on-chain data and DeFi tracking.

Feel free to reach out for more details or simply share any new use case requests, feedback or questions.