OKX Wallet connected with MERLIN

MERLIN is very pleased to announce the integration of OKX Wallet for a seamless connection to insightful on-chain data for $ profitable DeFi trading, investing and reporting.

Users holding an OKX Wallet are one click away from:

✅ Real-time DeFi NAV monitoring across farming, LP, lending & borrowing, staking, … with unparalleled coverage!

Strategy analysis with institutional-grade & most in-depth DeFi Positions analytics: Yield, Rewards, Gas Fees, Price Fluctuation and P&L, all with USD valuation

Capturing Alpha with in-depth market data on top performing pools

Seamlessly report all on-chain activity with pre-classified Transactions data for Fund Administration, Custody, Compliance, Audit, Accounting, Tax, …

Go to https://mymerlin.io/ and connect your Wallet:

Unlock your OKX Wallet:

You’re ready to go:

Enjoy your on-chain journey and DeFi earnings!