Cloudwall and MERLIN announce strategic partnership

MERLIN is excited to announce that we will be partnering with transformative fintech firm, Cloudwall, to power up with insightful Decentralized Finance analytics the development of extensive DeFi risk and Profit & Loss (P&L) tools.

The collaboration between Cloudwall and MERLIN represents a fusion of expertise and technology, focusing on expanding the horizons of DeFi for crypto hedge fund managers, providing them with alternative means to maximize revenue generation.

The partnership reaffirms our aim to provide comprehensive institutional-grade risk management for the digital asset industry.

Kyle Downey, CEO of Cloudwall, said “This partnership is an important step forward in realizing Cloudwall’s vision to offer asset managers comprehensive portfolio risk management for digital assets: CeFi & DeFi; spot & derivatives; and crypto & real-world assets. We’re excited to work closely with the MERLIN team to build on their technology and add DeFi risk and P&L to the Serenity platform!”

Elie Azzi, Co-Founder of MERLIN, said “The collaboration with Cloudwall is a fantastic opportunity to leverage MERLIN’s institutional-grade analytics, enhancing the clarity of an investor’s DeFi exposure. This includes detailed insights into portfolio allocation across various protocols, the exposure of underlying assets within positions, all accompanied by in-depth P&L tracking.”

With the integration of Cloudwall’s Serenity and MERLIN’s comprehensive DeFi analytics, crypto hedge fund managers will be able to hedge both CeFi and DeFi risk on a central platform.

This will make it easier for them to make comparisons in order to optimize their investment strategies, make actionable decisions and maximize their returns.