MERLIN API Summer 2023 Updates

The MERLIN Team has been working hard all summer to enhance your DeFi experience with new MERLIN API data.

DeFi Portfolio Reporting


Financial statements are due for fiscal year-ends, fund admins must provide daily / weekly performance reports… It is now possible to retrieve the overall portfolio’s exposure at any moment back in time. All you have to do is add a new filter parameter to your API calls.

⭐ You can now also optimize your MERLIN API consumption costs with a new endpoint allowing to retrieve DeFi Positions across the chains you operate on: filter up to 10 chains.


Merlin P&L breakdown

Accrual Accounting

Correctly declare Yields and Capital Returns

New dedicated endpoints allow retrieving the entire performance history of a Position for an accurate reporting.

Daily & cumulative analytics: Underlying & LP Token Holdings, Yield, Reward, Transaction Fees, P&L, all with with USD valuation


Crypto Tax Reconciliation

Pre-classify DeFi Transactions automatically

New parameters indicate the DeFi actions which lay behind the intricate transactions data (Airdrop, NFT Swaps, Staking Rewards, Farming), allowing accounting professionals to focus on the applicable jurisdiction tax standards or on the dedicated accounting / audit financial reports.

  • Wallet movement: deposit, withdraw, send, receive, reward collection, airdrop, liquidation, repay, …
  • DeFi investment: lending, liquidity pool, staking, farming, … along with protocol details (name, smart contract, function)
  • Potential scam tokens, token type NFT, …

Merlin DeFi Transactions


Master your API usage

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