MERLIN API, unique DeFi portfolio performance data is here!

VALK is delighted to announce the launch of MERLIN API product, DeFi portfolio performance analytics data, powering up DeFi capabilities for your Digital Asset solution.

Get user’s DeFi exposures

  • Build a complete Portfolio overview, including DeFi holdings and their $ NAV – MERLIN provides the most extensive NAV DeFi protocols coverage 1,500+, across 25+ chains: not limited to EVM chains, supporting also Solana, major Cosmos chains and others
  • Provide a dedicated DeFi dashboard with both active & past DeFi exposures
  • Down to detailed P&L analytics (Yield, Rewards, Tx Fees, Impermanent Loss, Price Fluctuation) with accurate USD valuation – real-time or snapshot to a past point-in-time

Get detailed analytics per DeFi position

  • Provide real-time refresh rate for dedicated DeFi position analysis views
  • Retrieve daily P&L breakdown (Rewards, Yield, Tx Fees, Price Fluctuation) for accrual accounting or in-depth position monitoring
  • Retrieve all related transactions for Defi position reconciliation or in-depth position analysis

Get user’s Transaction history

  • Build a complete overview of the wallet’s movements, including DeFi transactions
  • Speed up reconciliation by using MERLIN’s DeFi transactions pre-classification info
  • With or without associated Yield and P&L details for each transaction

Get user’s balances

  • Track the user’s wallet balances and overall holdings across 25+ chains (not limited to EVM chains only): ,
  • Overall portfolio $ holdings per chain, including DeFi exposures
  • Wallet balances per chain: breakdown between tokens, native tokens and NFTs
  • Wallet’s overall token balances, with dedicated endpoints for chain native tokens and NFTs

Get administration info

  • Optimize your consumption costs by using the endpoints with chain and/or protocol filtering: MERLIN’s supported chains & protocols list is available
  • Monitor and control your consumption costs by checking for free your API account unit balance and daily usage

Full product information here. Free Trial available, all you have to do is sign up.