MERLIN, DeFi portfolio performance tracker is here!

VALK is delighted to announce the launch of MERLIN product, your DeFi portfolio performance dashboard.

Profitable trading, investing, reporting & DeFi decisions now start with MERLIN.

Monitor the profitability of your DeFi investments

DeFi protocols don’t track your gain & losses for you! Across Staking, Farming, Lending, LP, … MERLIN understands all investment strategies – for a full profitability overview on current & past exposures.

Merlin overview

Institutional-grade Yield & P&L with USD valuation

The investment’s Yield might be positive, but that might be not be enough to cover the underlying USD price volatility. Based on actual on-chain data (indexation), MERLIN takes no guess when it comes to Yield, Gas fees, Rewards, Impermanent Loss, Entry Price to produce an accurate P&L.

Merlin Position

Analyze & report your investments profitability

For both currently active and past positions, since the first DeFi transaction! Daily performance dynamics, portfolio allocation per protocol, aggregated across several wallets (bundling).

Full product details here. Try out the online web APP here.